Friday, November 21, 2014

Marriage Tip #5

Thanksgiving and this season of the year is one of my absolute favorites. A season focused on family, friends, relationships, and being thankful for what we have instead of getting caught up in the “I want, I want, I want” mentality that seems to prevail much of the year. (But don’t get me started on Black Friday, that’s a topic I could talk all too long on.)

Next week is a day set aside for families and friends to gather around a table and share a meal together. To remember what we are thankful for, and act on that. Giving thanks and living with a heart of gratitude is an incredibly important thing, and really contributes a lot to your outlook on life.

Gratitude has the power to enforce joy and contentment in our life, where as lack of gratitude can leave us with a very grim outlook and attitude towards life. And an “attitude of gratitude” can have a tremendous force in your marriage, as well.

Two words that we often may think, but might not speak to our spouses can make a world of difference. Think about it, when someone goes out of their way to tell you “thank you for….”, it makes you feel appreciated, loved and valued.

There are times where I forget to tell Zach “thank you” for doing something. It’s not that I don’t appreciate him or what he’s done, but I just forget. Lately I have tried to become more aware and more intentional about specifically thanking him for what he does for us around the house, at work, and just in life in general between us.

Hearing those words from someone you love builds you up. It makes you want to continue to be a better person every day. It lets you know that you are noticed, you are appreciated and loved.

And while we all may KNOW that, isn’t it powerful and touching to HEAR it?

Find a way to say THANK YOU to your spouse today! Maybe even make it a goal to write down one thing you are thankful for about your spouse or something they did each day before Thanksgiving and present it to your spouse before dinner. I dare you to try it and see what kind of reaction you get!

So, what are you thankful for in your spouse? Share below!

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