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DIY Christmas Gift Guide

I’m going to stray a little more into my creative side today and share some great ideas and holiday gift tips that have been floating around in my head! For those of you that don’t know, I am a forever a creative person. I love any sort of art, any type of project that I can get creative in, I’m all over it!

Thus, that makes this time of year one of my favorites! Of course the Thanksgiving and Christmas season have always been one of the most special times of year for me, but particularly so because I love making gifts and giving gifts!

As a still newlywed couple, and young, we don’t have the world’s largest budget for Christmas presents. I sort of have sticker shock when I hear what the average family can spend on Christmas presents, because that’s just not where we are financially right now (rock on to those that are!). But, even if we had a larger Christmas budget, one of my favorite types of gifts to give are those that I have MADE.

I realize that not everyone is as creatively inclined as I am, and so I want to share a few great ideas that I have used in the past to bless family members with some things that I have made from the heart, and give with great joy!

So buckle in and get ready for some fun holiday DIY (do it yourself) gift giving ideas that are my favorites, and that people actually like!

1.    Baked goods. Really, need I say more? Who doesn’t like to get home made treats for Christmas? May I submit- not many people. There are some fantastic recipes out there for sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, gourmet popcorn, fudge, toffee, the list goes on and on. And a lot of them are pretty simple! Find a great recipe, whip up a batch of cookies, and find a creative box to put them in! (Just make sure if you or they have pets NOT to put it under the tree!)

Image from Pinerest

2.    Framed pictures. This is a fantastic idea for parents, grandparents, etc. If you had a big event in your life recently that you got photographs from, get a few printed out, put them in a nice frame and gift those! I know I love getting pictures, especially of those that I love. Ross, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls are great places to find frames at great prices.

3.    Handmade ornaments! This can be for the Christmas enthusiast (like me) in your life! I adore ornaments, and each one has a special story for me. They are super easy to make, you can go to any craft store and find ones that you can paint, or fill with little things, and then give to some special people in your life!

(Image from Pinterest, with ornament instructions here!)

4.    No sew blankets. I have made quite a few of these puppies and boy are they a hit! They really couldn’t be easier, you don’t need any sewing skills, just two large pieces of fleece, and scissors, then you tie the edges away! These are great for the cooler months, and it makes a really special memento. Check out a tutorial here! 

(Image from Pinterest at 

5.    A calendar! I have also made quite a few calendars for my parents in the past as well! This is a fun way to put in some pictures of you, your family, etc, and create a great memory they enjoy all year round. I feel like most people have at least one calendar hanging around their house every year, why not make it special? Here's one idea of how to make one! 

(Image from Pinterest)

6.    For the baker or cooking enthusiast in your life… put together a little “kitchen care package!” If they love to bake, it could be a new oven mitt with some fun cookie cutters, or cupcake liners and sprinkles. If they just love to cook, it could be an oven mitt with some kitchen towels and new wooden spoons in there!

Image from Pinterest

7.    Paint a picture! If you are so inclined, you can paint your own picture for a family member! There are lots of great inspirations online, you could paint your family name, their name, or their favorite saying.

8.    Photo albums. These are incredibly easy to create now thanks to websites like Shutterfly! You upload the photos you want to include, and you can customize it yourself or you can have it create one for you! It’s a great way to commemorate those special moments you had throughout the year.

9.    Repurpose old bottles! For those people that love unique gifts, or are into decorating, repurposing old wine and beer bottles is a great idea! Check out Pinterest for different things you can do with them. You can paint them for home décor, and even easily cut the wine bottles to make your own glasses or candles!

(Image from Pinterest)

10.  Make your own vanilla extract, coffee syrups, or spice mixes! Also for the cooking enthusiast, you can easily make your own vanilla extracts, coffee syrups and spice mixes/rubs.  Note, if you are going to make your vanilla, best to start now as it takes a little more time to create!

(Image from Pinterest)

There are ten simple, fun DIY Christmas present projects that you can create for those you love in your life. Think of what each person likes, what they enjoy doing, and have fun with it! Find something that is more meaningful to their lives, and will add value instead of just collect dust on the shelf.

I absolutely love making home made gifts and giving them away, and I know they are even that much more special when I receive them as well! Have fun with your giving this season, and remember that Christ is the true reason for the season!

What’s one of your favorite Christmas DIY projects? Share below!

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