Wednesday, November 19, 2014

21 Day Fix Meal Planning

As I come to the beginning of my last week of the 21 Day Fix before Thanksgiving, I want to share some of my tips with you all! First of all, if you aren’t sure what the 21 Day Fix is, or you want to know my thoughts about it, check out my honest review in this blog!

Now, one of the biggest factors of the 21 Day Fix is the nutrition. As with all health and fitness, nutrition is really 80% and exercise is 20%. What we put into our bodies is incredibly important! And that is not something I realized right away, and am still learning now.

The 21 Day Fix has simplified nutrition for me in so many ways! I don’t have to count calories (which I hate doing), I know exactly how big my portions are supposed to be, and I know exactly how much I’m supposed to have of each food group! It takes all of the guess work out.

That being said, meal planning can be something completely new for most people! Today I’m going to share about going through the food lists and using it to help you meal plan. Later this week I will share a few of my sample meal plans that you can look off and borrow from!

Since you are eating from each food group in the 21 Day Fix, it comes with a handy list of what you can have from each food group. You have your green container that you fill with veggies, purple for fruit, red for protein, yellow for carbs, blue for healthy fats, orange for oil and dressing, and teaspoon for nut butters.

You can look at this quick guide from some ideas! Even if you aren’t doing the 21 Day Fix right now, this is a fantastic list to work off of for clean eating principles! The higher up on the list the food is, the more nutrient dense it is.

Tip #1 … Make sure you know how much of each container you are supposed to have every day! Write it down at the top of your meal plan so you don’t forget (I do this constantly).

Tip #2 … Go through each list of foods and circle your top ones that you enjoy and are willing to eat. Of course you can try new things, but make sure you are getting things you actually LIKE in there so you’re not making it more difficult on yourself.

Tip #3 … Plan your most “creative” meal of the day first. For me, that’s dinner! Breakfast and snacks are pretty basic for us, and for lunch we take the previous night’s dinner leftovers! So start with the most complex recipe, work out the containers, then plan the rest of your days meals!

Tip #4 … If you are on a tighter budget, repeat your fruits and veggies. Instead of having a different fruit and a different veggie every single day (and thus buying A LOT of produce that could possibly go bad before you use it all), buy a bigger bag of carrots and use it throughout the week. Or get a bag of frozen blueberries and use it in your Shakeology for the week!

Tip #5 … Make a LIST and stick to your LIST at the store! And also, don’t go hungry. It’s much better to go shopping with a PLAN. You will save money and time when you have a list and when you go when you’re NOT hungry. Don’t have time to eat before you go? Great time to grab your Shakeology and drink it on the way!

These are just a few tips that I’ve learned along the way doing the 21 Day Fix and learning to eat better and actually fuel my body instead of mindlessly eating like I was before. If you have any questions about meal planning or clean eating, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

And if you’re considering doing the 21 Day Fix, I would love to have you join in our December pre-holiday Support Group! It will last for 21 days and we will be doing the 21 Day Fix together so we all feel amazing for Christmas. You can fill out the contact form on the bottom right corner, or find me on Facebook or Instagram!

If you need a few 21 Day Fix approved recipes, check out the ones I've made and LOVE! 
And more to come! If you want more, you can scroll through my "Recipes" tab at the top! 

Let me hear from YOU…what are some of your favorite foods from the list above? Can you find three foods that you love on there? Share them below!

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