Friday, June 27, 2014

10 Active Things To Do This Summer

So summer time is now in full swing! The sun is shining, waters are shimmering, the grass is growing, the wind is fluttering through vividly green trees. While the days can be hot, humid (especially for this desert girl now in the south!), and sticky, there are still so many fun, active things to do this summer!

Take advantage of the good weather, you know you might be complaining about the cold come wintertime. Soak in those warm rays as much as you can! Here is a list of ten things that you can do for free or cheap to get out and get active this summer!

1. Go for a swim! If you don't have a pool, find a friend who does, use a community pool, a gym pool, buy a kiddie pool, go to a river or lake. Grab a loved one or a friend and jump into those cool, refreshing waters, and catch some vitamin D!

2. Go for a sunset or sunrise walk. Sometimes the heat of the day is intimidating, and lets be real, who really likes being in a pool of your own sweat from walking? Try walking early in the morning to get energy for the day, or take a stroll in the evening and soak up the last of the day. And who doesn't love a gorgeous sunset or sunrise?

3. Take a hike! State parks are some seriously sweet spots and are usually minimal in charge. Here in Georgia you can get an annual pass, or pay like $5 for the day. State parks are a great way to see different areas of your town or state, and enjoy the scenery and beautiful weather! You might find a new favorite spot. Check out this website to find great state parks near you! 

4. Wash your car! It may sound silly, but, you get outside, you get an arm work out when you put some elbow grease into washing off all that dirt, and you get a sparkly, clean car! Bonus! And you're out playing in water, so it helps keep you cool at the same time!

5. Have a picnic in your local park. Pack up a cute picnic lunch, grab a blanket and walk around the park to find the perfect picnic spot! If you're worried about the heat of the day, have a picnic brunch! Go before 10am and avoid the heat of the afternoon, but still have an ideal and whimsical picnic with your favorite people!

6. Be a tourist in your own city. Get on your good walking shoes, find a fun, historical, or interesting touristy spot in your town and go walk around and play the part of tourist! There are a lot of historical markers, town events, and museums around. Be sure to take some fun pictures while you're at it, too!

7. Have a water balloon toss (or fight). Seriously, who doesn't love a good water balloon toss that turns into a water balloon fight? Balloons are cheap, grab some from the dollar store, fill them up, and have some summer fun out in your drive way or backyard!

8. Create a scavenger or treasure hunt with family and friends!  You're never too old for a scavenger hunt in my book. Make people go outside, inside, all over! Have it lead to a yummy summer treat for everyone to share, or a fun prize! There are tons of ideas on Pinterest. AND bonus, if you want a REAL scavenger hunt, check out geocaching! The real life "treasure" hunt that happens all over the country and the world. Check this site out for more information. 

9. Take a bike ride. Brush the dust off your bike seat, hop on that beaut and go for a ride. Might I suggest a soundtrack by Queen, including "Bicycle"? Feel the breeze in your hair and the summer sun on your face. If you're really adventurous, ride it to the park for your picnic!

10. Play some yard games! Corn hole, badminton, volley ball, bocce ball, frisbee...there are so many fun games you can play! Have a dinner part, borrow games from others if you don't have some, and get the whole group involved in some fun summer time activities!

These are just a few ideas, there are so many ways you can get out and enjoy the sweet summer air this year. Don't let the season pass you by without soaking up some of this gorgeous weather! Be sure to put on some sunscreen as you have your fun, take pictures, and make memories with the ones you love!

What are some of your favorite summer activities? Comment below with your favorite!