Monday, April 22, 2013

I Love What I Do

God gave me a revelation the other day. One that I already truly knew in my heart, but it still surprised me. It took my breath away for a second, and made my heart quicken, and a smile come across my lips.

I absolutely love what I do.

I'm already in a place of living out my dream.

That's pretty darn cool. Of course there are other things that I have dreams and desires for. But I am in a position right now where I am able to accomplish the goals and dreams that are currently on my heart.

The other day in one of our CGA classes, we were given the assignment to put together our own life "mission statement." We were given a tool online to do so, one that asked us detailed questions about what we love to do, what drains us, what people would say about you on your 80th birthday.

From there this tool "generated" our missions statement. Gave us a visual word picture of what we had already written out. Mine turned out to be pretty lengthy, but I noticed many themes coming out. I remembered the strong undercurrents and passions that God has placed in my life.

One of the biggest things that stood out to me from that missions statement exercise was what the survey said about work from my answers.

I will enjoy my work by finding employment where I can draw, and be creative. Whether that is making a sign, or making a drink, I love to be able to make things for other people and make it beautiful. I love being able to interact with people, find out who they are, and tell them why they are special. I love personal one on one interaction more than group setting, so that I can personally and individually speak into their lives. I love being able to find little ways to serve people around me to brighten their day.

That's when it occurred. I already get to do that now. I already have the opportunities in front of me now. I work at Starbucks on the side of the program that I'm involved with at Adventures in Missions, and it has been such a blessing to have that job.

It's a place where I get to create. I get to create signs for Starbucks, I get to create drinks. It is a place where I can use my creativity in quite a few unique ways. I am able to interact with people that I would normally not have contact with, and I get to speak into their lives.

I get to pray for them, get to know them, make their day special. I am able to serve and help create an atmosphere of community. These things are huge for me.

While what I physically do for a job may change over the years and over the seasons, these core things are true to who I am and who God has made me to be and how He intends for me to operate within this world.

To create and bring beauty into the world, to interact with others and serve, and just show the heart of God to those around me.

I love what I do, truly I do.

And that is an incredible blessing to my heart, even if God had to hit me upside the head with the revelation before it finally clicked. 

So here's to walking forward each day, doing what I love to do, being obedient to God's heart every day and to where He leads.

Here are some pictures of signs that I have been able to create while working at Starbucks!

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Ugly, Beautiful Truth

Right now I'm reading (re-reading) through "A Thousand Gifts." It's a shorter, simple book. But one packed with deep, profound truth that resonates so much with where I am at right now. It's a book on finding thanks in the little things.

Taking a moment to breath in, and breathe out "thank you" to God for even the smallest gifts. For actually recognizing those small moments as gifts, when it is so easy to pass by and not even notice.

The picture above is a passage in the book, recounting a story of a woman reading a book that was displaying "1,000 Places to See Before You Die." Which sounds like an amazing book, and I'm sure it's packed full of magnificent pictures, splashed with color and lights, inviting you in to smell and step into a new reality.

But the author poses this deep question. "Isn't it here? Can't I find it here?"

I ask myself the same question. Isn't it here? Can't I find it here?

For some reason, coming back home from the race, I have found myself going through periods of time where it has been difficult to be thankful. Times where I'm just tired, and life seems to lack the luster it once had.

My eyesight seems foggy with sleep and confusion, and it is harder to find the beauty in those small moments like I have before. My schedule feels full to overflowing, and I feel anxiousness closing in and I don't have time to stop and smell the roses.

But the more I hurry on, the more I pass over those little moments, the more my heart hurts and I long for relief.

The solution?



Thank you, Jesus.

Thank you for spring showers that bring May flowers. (Because sometimes the rain and clouds just feel like a weight on my shoulders)

Thank you for gorgeous budding trees. (The once barren trees are now a symbol of new life)

Thank you for the days that the sun does shine in Georgia. (This desert girl just loves the sunshine)

Thank you for coffee. (Because it is so sweet and smooth)

Thank you for warm breezes, laughter with friends, bouncing on trampolines, staring at the stars, taking walks in the park, for good conversation, for time around a kitchen table, for the stillness of the morning, for a glassy lake that reflects the sun in all its glory.

No, sometimes life is hard. Sometimes I am tired, overwhelmed, and I feel the pressure, speed and anxiousness of this world. And in those moments, it's hard to make myself stop and say thank you.

Sometimes I wish I could hold those sweet babies in China, laugh with kids in Cambodia, paint another mural on a dusty foreign wall, mime out what I want to say with someone who speaks a different language.

But there is so much to be thankful for here, right now. And when I stop to say thank you, I am overwhelmed with joy and realize how extremely blessed I am.

I want to capture those moments, and those things I am thankful for. Not to say I have a perfect life. I don't, and never will. But I love capturing those moments that God gives me here. Those little things I'm thankful for.

So here are some of those moments of beauty I've found recently here in Georgia.

What are you thankful for today?