Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sugar Coma!

Now that it's November, many people are waking up from their sugar coma, also known as Halloween! I know that I have been guilty of binging on all kinds of candy on Halloween before, and I know the downward spiral it can cause from there. Thankfully this year we didn't have any candy to pass out, thus no leftover candy (always my big problem!).

But, I know a lot of you may have left over candy from trick or treaters that never showed up, or getting too much candy. The good news? There are lots of creative ways you can put that candy to use without ODing again on sugar and sabotaging your health efforts.

With the staggering statistic that on average people gain around two pounds all the way up to seven pounds over the holidays, it's important to know how to cover your bases and not completely undo any work you have put towards yourself over the year.

There are ways to enjoy all of the holidays, including Halloween, without undoing your progress, putting yourself in a sugar coma, or getting that "food baby."

Today we are going to tackle some tips of what to do if you have some Halloween candy left over in your house! Whether it's tempting you right now or not, chances are, if it's laying around, you may eventually be tempted to eat it. Here are some other creative ways of what to do with that candy!

1. Give it away! Find a place where you can share what you have left. Maybe make a little treat bag for your children's teachers, or see if you can give it to a children's group or program for them to use. Or, if you have a friend who bakes and uses some of the candy you have, see if they need it for holiday baking!

2. Freeze it! Rock hard candy that threatens to dislodge your teeth is much less appealing to eat than fresh candy. Chances are too, if you are that desperate for the candy, and want to "de-thaw" it, your craving may pass by the time it's unfrozen.

3. Save it for Christmas! If you yourself are a baker, and plan on baking cookies or treats for others, see if you can use any of it for those baking projects. You'll save money while you're at it! If you're saving it for Christmas, I would suggest freezing it in the mean time so it's out of sight and mind!

4. Use it to make Thanksgiving or Christmas party favors! If you tend to have a bag of goodies for your guests at holiday parties, grab some cheerful holiday baggies (or colorful cheap boxes from a craft store), fill with goodies and tie it with a pretty bow! You'll also save holiday money on this as well!

There you have it, four simple things you can do with that left over Halloween candy so that you aren't so tempted to eat it all in one sitting! I know I am much less likely to eat it if it's out of sight and thus out of mind! Put that candy to good use and find a new home or purpose for it.

What's one way you get rid of left over Halloween candy? 


  1. I'm going to use some of mine to make cookies for my friends!

    1. Oh nice, that's awesome Mandy!! :) I'm sure they will love that!! What kind of cookies do you make??