Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Marriage Tip #3

“Laughter is the best medicine!”

You have probably heard this quote a thousand times. Even though it is a well-worn saying, I have found it to be quite true! And even more true in marriage. Laughter is truly the best medicine in marriage.

That is my third marriage tip…Laugh together!

In our almost one year of marriage, Zach and I have found a lot of things to laugh at together. Some were fun adventures, some were hilarious stories told my each other or family members, some laughs were shared over difficult situations where there was nothing left to do but laugh and move on.

Of course there is a proper time to laugh, and a time not to laugh. I’m sure we have all been in situations that merit both responses. But, in marriage, I have seen the importance of being intentional about laughing together. Sometimes it is easy, others, it is not.

There are a lot of truly dark and negative things in our world. Stress, work, and life can get in the way of our joy and steal our ability to laugh at times. In marriage, if you don’t take the time to laugh together, it can add extra stress, or just remove the spark that was there.

Laughter is a simple, yet powerful thing.

When you intentionally set aside time to be together, play together, adventure together, and make memories, you create the opportunity and space to laugh, cry, and grow. You don’t always have to be laughing, but the important value behind laughter is the shared memory and intimacy you have with your spouse.

Laughter creates a bond. Remember some of your old inside jokes, think back on funny memories and share your favorite with your spouse. Make a date to do something together that makes you smile. Make new memories and inside jokes. Relive one of your first dates that you had together, or find a new favorite place together!

Lay off the seriousness and stress of life intentionally and find joy with your spouse! Remember that laughter is the best medicine!

What’s one thing about your spouse that makes you smile?

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