Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Date Night Ideas

Okay, I know we have done a few date night idea blogs before, but this may be my favorite set. Because seriously, you can’t get much more romantic than the holidays, it’s just oozing with potential for fun ideas!

So grab a pen and paper and your steaming mug of hot chocolate and start plotting some fun holiday dates to do with your honey!

1.    Find a local Christmas event in your area and go to it! Atlanta is a hopping city, and I know there are a TON of free Christmas events going on the entire month. Some old neighborhoods are having candlelight walk through’s, there are square lightings, Christmas tree lightings, stores have pictures with Santa, and basically everywhere is decorated. So find some local events and go to one!

2.    Make your own hot chocolate bar and rent a new Christmas movie. Or find a cheesy Christmas movie to watch on TV! But go get a box of hot chocolate (or make your own home made), some mini marshmallows, whip cream, candy canes, and whatever other treats you want to have for your hot chocolate bar! Set it up on your table and make it look fancy, and then pop in your Christmas movie and snuggle while drinking your hot chocolate!

3.    Go to a local Christmas attraction. Like the first idea, there are probably some great Christmas themed attractions around you! Even when I lived in Arizona, they had zoo lights, a neighborhood decked in lights, etc. Atlanta has Stone Mountain Christmas, Lake Lanier Lights, Olympic Centennial Park is decked out….seriously there are so many options around Christmas. Find a place you both love and go make a new memory!

4.    Go ice skating! Bundle up and find your local ice skating rink, rent some skates and laugh your way through the night. Finish it off with a coffee date at your favorite coffee place to warm up!

5.    Build a fire and make s’mores. Don’t forget the blanket to cuddle under either (but don’t catch it on fire)! Whether you have a fire place, a fire pit or somewhere to make your own fire, grab some s’more fixings and have some fun!

6.    Bake and decorate cookies together. This is a great one to have right at home! Go out and shop for all your ingredients you need to make sugar cookies from scratch, make your dough (but be sure to have a Christmas movie on hand to watch while the dough chills!), then cut out your shapes, bake and decorate! You might end up even having some frosting wars. Just have fun with it (you can always clean up later)!

7.    Drive around and look at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate (or coffee, or cider, whatever you like)! Find some nice neighborhoods that have lots of light displays and cruise on through, admiring all the lovely twinkling lights while staying warm and cozy next to your honey!

8.    Make a no-sew blanket together and then watch a Christmas movie! These blankets are super easy to make (you can check out a Pinterest tutorial here), and are incredibly warm! All you need in two pieces of fleece cut to two yards a piece, then cut and tie it up! Super simple, and it’s something you can keep using!

9.    Decorate a Christmas mug together or make an ornament together. Tap into your creative potential with your sweetheart! Go to the craft store, and pick out a blank mug and some ceramic markers, or get an ornament you can paint or decorate and then go home and have some creative fun!

10.  Trim a tree! If you haven’t already decorated your Christmas tree, make a date of it! Go out to dinner, then either go get your tree or dig it out of the closet, put it up and decorate! Share stories about any ornaments you may have and why you love them. Or you can even pick out a new ornament together and put it on! You can also make your own cranberry-popcorn garland to adorn your lovely Christmas tree.

There you have it, ten super easy, amazingly fun Christmas-time date night ideas! Seriously, this time of year is prime date night time! Don’t skip it just because things are busy. Invest in each other, invest in your relationship, have conversations about what you love about this time of year and make a new tradition with each other!

Take advantage of the whimsy and romance of the season and sweep your sweetheart off your feet with some fun date night ideas. Do you have your own favorite Christmas time date? I would love to hear what it is!

What’s your favorite Christmas season date night idea?

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