Monday, December 15, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Fitness - Day 1

Over the next twelve days I’m going to daily share a “12 days of Christmas Fitness” tip with you! The holidays can be a tricky time of year to stay healthy, but it is not impossible, and you can still enjoy all of your holiday festivities in the process!

So buckle in, tune in and have a healthy holiday with me during our 12 days of Christmas fitness!

ONE day at a time.

My first tip for you today is to take this ONE day at a time. When you’re looking at a month full of work, shopping, parties, family gatherings and appointments, it can make you sick to your stomach to try and think of how in the world you’re going to fit any kind of workout in.

But let me make it simple for you. Take it one day at a time! The night before, think of what you have to do the next day, and set a time in your phone that you are committing to work out! Even if it’s only for ten minutes, that physical activity is going to help relieve stress and keep you on track.

If you want to set your workout schedule for the week ahead, that’s fine. But at least start with the day ahead, and then stick to your plan! Make it happen and get that workout in so you are feeling awesome during your holiday season.

What time are you working out tomorrow? Share below, let’s keep each other accountable!


  1. Im gonna try for tomorrow morning followed by a deco. Pray for me :0) our house is chilly so maybe it will warm me up :0).

    1. Awesome Lineah!!! Definitely praying :) I love doing devotions around when I work out too, it's such a great way to start the day :) and it should definitely warm you up! :)