Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Fitness - Day 2

TWO people are better than one!

This ties into what I told you yesterday for our first fit tip. When you take it one day at a time, and set that time in your phone for you to do your workout the next day, it’s easy to turn off the reminder and go on about your day without doing your workout.

Trust me, I get it. I know life gets busy and we push it off until later, and then later never comes.

That’s where two people are better than one. TELL at least one other person when you are committing to workout the next day! It could be your significant other, a best friend, your mom, your neighbor…whoever! Just tell someone and ask them to hold you accountable.

Or even better, get them to do the workout with you, and it’s even more motivating!

Who are you going to have keep you accountable today?

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