Monday, December 8, 2014

Meal Plan Series #4

Vegetables were never my favorite growing up. I didn’t outright hate them; I just never enjoyed eating them. That’s a habit that I took into my later years of life too, unfortunately. I would eat a salad occasionally, and buy a bag of broccoli when it looked good while grocery shopping (only to find it unused and moldy two weeks later).

But for the most part, I never cooked vegetables, and felt pretty lost when it came to adding them into a meal plan without it getting old and repetitive really fast.

So I created a meal plan that focused on a few different recipes that you can try for yourselves that incorporate vegetables in a brand new way! I learned these recipes this year, and I must say that my vegetable intake is much better now, and I actually love eating veggies!

While this meal plan is very veggie-heavy, you can pick out the recipes you like and incorporate them into your own meal plan! Maybe even make it a goal to try a veggie focused dinner one or two times a week to ease yourself into making veggies a more prominent part of your life and nutrition.

Take a look at the meal plan! I have a few of these recipes already in my blog, and will include the rest in the near future, or you can look them up online or Pinterest as well!

Here’s your grocery shopping list, and as always, make sure to check your fridge and pantry first to utilize what you already have!

So which recipe on here looks the best to you? What veggie focused recipe are you going to try?

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