Monday, December 29, 2014

Marriage Tip #6

Christmas has come and gone all too quickly, I am afraid. When I was a kid, everything seemed to magically slow down around the twinkling Christmas tree, and now time comes flying at us and runs me over. Never the less, this Christmas was one I will always cherish.

It was our second Christmas together as a married couple, and we just passed our one year anniversary this month! It's crazy to think how quickly a year has gone by, and I know the second will come just as swiftly. This time of year is our absolute favorite, too.

Not just because it's our anniversary, but because it's Christmas! The time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, and a time that both Zach and I have adored since we were small. It's been a blessing to create our own memories and traditions together this year!

Which brings me to my next marriage tip...take time to create your own traditions with your spouse!

I promise you, it can be a lot of fun.

Your traditions don't have to be anything incredibly elaborate, though if that's your style, go for it! We started a few of our own traditions this year, and I'm confident that we will continue to add our own as the years go on.

Since becoming a Georgia peach, I have learned that the south takes tradition very seriously. Which isn't a bad thing. I actually really have enjoyed being a part of Zach's families traditions, which inspired me to think of our own traditions to add to the mix!

Here are some of the traditions that we created this year, and some ideas of what you can do, too!

1. Made popcorn and cranberry garland while watching a Christmas movie. Yup, old fashioned air popped pop corn and fresh cranberries! Get some string, a needle and get to creating! It's seriously a lot of fun, just don't poke your fingers!

2. Visited Stone Mountain Christmas. This is a local attraction in Atlanta, and one that Zach has gone to for years! It was really special to go with him as his wife this year. Find a local Christmas or holiday event that you guys can make into a yearly tradition to attend!

3. Host our own Christmas party! This was a first for me! And my little hostess heart was so happy to have so many dear people in our living room. We had an ornament exchange party with a hot chocolate and dessert bar. Really easy to do, and everyone gets something to put on their tree!

4. Have a home cooked Christmas dinner. We debated whether we wanted to do this Christmas Eve or Christmas day, but this year it ended up being Christmas day, and it was wonderful! Be sure to get all your ingredients before hand, and make a nice dinner for your spouse!

5. Watch your favorite Christmas movie together (or several). Zach and I have watched countless Christmas movies (A Christmas Story is one of our all time favorites). You can grab some hot chocolate, curl up in some cozy Christmas pajamas, and relax together!

There are just a very few ideas of some traditions you could start on your own. Like I said, they could be more elaborate, or really simple! The point is that you are intentionally making memories together, and that it means something to you both!

Make it a point to invest time and love into your relationship with your spouse this year. Traditions can be created any time of year, not just the holidays, and it can create a lifetime of wonderful memories ahead!

What's your favorite tradition with your sweetie?

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