Monday, December 1, 2014

Meal Plan Series #1

The "Regular" Meal Plan

This week is going to be a special series to start off the month of December! (Which by the way, can you believe it’s December??) I know that for me when I began getting healthy, meal planning was a difficult thing at first.

How many veggies to I eat and when? And how? What about fruit? How about carbs? The list went on and on and I wasn’t sure how to fit it in or what it was supposed to look like. So this week, I’m taking the guesswork out of it for you and coming up with four different meal plans that you can look at and use!

Of course each can be tweaked to your own individual needs and tastes, but this will give you a basic guideline to look at and get ideas from! I’m also including a grocery-shopping list with each meal plan as well!

Today’s meal plan is just a simple one, what I call a “regular” meal plan. It’s going to give you balance across the board with your food groups. You’ll also see that in general, what I cook for dinner we have the next day for lunch. This not only saves time cooking, but also saves money! We use up what we buy at the grocery store and less goes bad. You can of course swap out your lunches for something different like a salad or a sandwich, or whatever you prefer, this is just what works for us!

And here's the grocery shopping list to use! 

Some of my recipes are already up on this blog, others will be coming soon, or you can use your own recipes!

Stay tuned this week for three more meal plans! There will be a meal plan for those that want to eat especially clean, one for those who are super busy and on the go, and the last will feature lots of tasty veggie dishes!

I want to hear from you, what is one of YOUR staple recipes for your meal plan? And what kind of meal plans would YOU like to see? 

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