Saturday, December 6, 2014

Meal Plan Series #3

Life gets busy. We all know that. Especially around the holidays, it can get crazy! That’s where crock-pots can be a saving grace. And even better than just the crock-pot? Crock-pot freezer meals! You can prepare all of these dinner recipes in advance, throw them in the freezer, thaw it the night before and have your dinner for the night and lunch the next day ready to go while you work!

All you have to do is set aside a little bit of time to prepare them, and get your breakfast and snacks squared away for the week, which can be super easy! It's so important to have healthy meals, even if you are fact, it may be even more important so your body can continue to operate at it's best! So, take some time, get some ideas from this meal plan for easy make ahead meals that are healthy and will keep you going, but not keep you in the kitchen all week! 

Here's a look at the meal plan. All of the recipes for these can be found on Pinterest, and I'll also be posting some with my own twist soon as well! 

This is your grocery shopping list, take a look around your pantry and see what you have there first! A lot of these ingredients like diced tomatoes, canned corn, and the like might be lurking in the back of your pantry begging to be used! And of course, you can add your own favorite vegetables to these recipes, too!

Just because you have a busy schedule doesn't mean you can't have great home cooked meals that are healthy and full of nutrition. It might take a little bit to get used to prepping it all in one go (but even then it doesn't take long), but it's well worth the effort for meals that are ready without a lot of active cooking time for you in the week!

What's your favorite crock-pot recipe? Share below! 

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