Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Are You Ready for a Challenge?

Who else is in shock that we are already through the first week of October? Halloween is coming up, and following right along after that Thanksgiving is coming! It’s the season of pumpkin everything, chunky knit sweaters, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, hay rides, and good food.

And while there is certainly room for a lot of fall fun this month and next, I’m getting down to business and putting together some great fall fun of my own! Just like every month, I have new challenge groups beginning! Only this month, I have two, and one is brand new!

I wanted to take a minute to let you all know what my groups are going to entail this month so that if you are ready to take the reigns of your health and get fit for fall and before the holidays, you know what is available to you! I absolutely love my job, and I love helping others set and reach their health and fitness goals, while I am working on my goals myself.

The first group is my “Fit for Fall” group. It will begin on Monday, October 20th, and will run for 60 days. This group is open to anyone to use any Beachbody program they may already have, or want to begin. Each challenger will pick the program that is right for them; or I can help you choose one. We will all be replacing one meal or snack a day with Shakeology so we are getting the max amount of nutrition and results as we work our bodies.

This challenge group will take place online via a closed Facebook group- so if you are out of town, no worries! This group is mobile (one of the things I love best about these groups)! Every day I will be posting about a topic that will help keep you motivated and reaching your goals. I cover topics about meal planning, grocery shopping, eating out, emotional eating, and how to schedule workouts in a busy life.

And, perhaps the best part of the group is the support you receive from being surrounded by other like minded people going through the exact same thing that you are going through! We all will check in every day to rate how our workout went, and how our nutrition and water were. This keeps us accountable to each other, and is a safe place for you to know you are not alone!

If you are interested in joining in this exclusive “Fit for Fall” challenge group starting on October 20th,  please fill the application (found at the bottom of this post) and we can see if it would be a good fit for you and go from there!

My second group that I have starting this month is totally new and really exciting! This is my first “Moms on a Mission” challenge group! This 30 day group is exclusively for new moms or moms of young kids. Because you have a unique but shared experience together being moms, this group is going to be one of a kind!

Moms on a Mission begins on October 27, and is designed to help busy new moms get their health and fitness on track while they tackle the most important job of being a mom to their precious little ones. As a mom, you set the example and stage for your kids and your family, and health and fitness is one of those areas.

Each of my challengers will choose a Beachbody program that is right for them, with a focus on finding a workout that fits your schedule. We have many incredible programs that are only 25 to 30 minutes long, but give you great results, while fitting into a tight schedule.

We also will be using Shakeology (if you are pregnant or breastfeeding though you can check with your doctor about the use), and checking in daily to our closed Facebook group for accountability and motivation.

I will be posting daily with specific emphasis on issues that you deal with as new moms, or moms of younger children. Topics will include how to plan your workout into a busy schedule, how to meal plan and prep healthy food with kids and a family, how to prioritize your health, cooking recipes for simple, fast and healthy dinners, and setting the example for your family by making your health a priority.

If you are looking to lose your baby weight, get back into your pre baby jeans, or just looking to have more energy and feel better so you can be there for your precious children and  your family, fill out the application below for my “Moms on a Mission” Challenge Group!

We will see if this is a good fit for you, and I would love to help you reach your goals and feel amazing not only with your health and fitness, but as a mom, because your role is so important!

(Note, if you are pregnant, always consult your doctor first before beginning a new program. Know that we do have a specific program you can do while you are pregnant if you want to strengthen your core and stay fit during your pregnancy!)

So there you have, my two exclusive challenge groups this month! I am so excited for each challenger that will be joining us. I absolutely love helping others reach their goals and feel amazing. In addition, there will also be some special contests and prizes involved in each group, so you won’t want to miss that!

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about these groups this month. You can fill out the application and include your questions, and we can go from there!

You can also find more information about each group at my Facebook event page for each group. I will be posting different things about them as the month goes on, so if you want to stay up to date, just add yourself to the page!

Here are the applications and event pages for both of my Exclusive Challenge Groups this month!

Please note that the application deadline is October 15th, to ensure that you receive your materials in time to start with the group. Limited number of spots available, so be sure to apply today to get all the info!

Add yourself to our event page to stay up to date on current information, to hear about prizes and other exciting announcements for this Challenge Group! 

Please note that the application deadline is October 22nd, to ensure that you receive your materials in time to start with the group. This also has a very limited number of spots left, so be sure to apply today to get the inside info! 

Add yourself to our event page to stay up to date on current information, to hear about the awesome prizes and other announcements for this first moms exclusive group! 

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