Monday, September 24, 2012

"Good morning, Gill!"

"I said, good morning, Gill!" 10 extra cool points to the person that can name that Bill Murray movie! I didn't watch that particular one today (though it is spectacularly hilarious), but I did watch Groundhog Day today for the first time. Pretty good, too! And it makes you think about what you would do if you only had one day to live. Or if you lived the same day over and over again. Food for thought!

And speaking of food, is there any smell better and more delicious than crisp onions and fresh garlic sauteing in a hot frying pan on the stove? I say nay. But, I may be a bit partial. It's safe to say that if I am cooking, there is always garlic and onions involved. If I'm cooking just for myself, probably a lot of garlic. And a lot of hot sauce. I just love the stuff!

Today I had the day off, which was nice. It was nice to slow down, cook up some good breakfast, draw, go for a walk, and get things done. Like yesterday, it's the little things. 

Let me pause and tell you about my walk for a second, though. Since being back from the race, I'm in a new house in a completely new side of town. After being on the race, a neighborhood that some may call "sketchy," looks completely normal to me. I actually love it. I love being close to things, people, places. But I know that there is darkness here (there is everywhere). At night I pick up on it more. Several times in the past few weeks I've woken up, finding myself praying, speaking against fear and the darkness of night.

Speaking out against more than just the physical darkness, but the spiritual darkness. I know there is more going on. Last night before bed, I started praying for the house, and the neighborhood. There's a liquor store down the street on the corner. I prayed about that. I didn't wake up at all last night.

This morning I took a stroll around the block, and about half way through, I thought, wait, why am I not praying while I'm doing this? I am a light, and I'm going to bring the light to these streets. I began covering the place with prayers. People walking, people driving, the people working, an apartment complex, the neighborhood in general. Even the liquor store. That God would move in a mighty, mighty way, and His glory would shine like the sun in this neighborhood, and in Tucson.

Let me tell you, prayers are effective. HIGHLY effective. I saw that first hand around the world, and my life is full of testimony to that fact. So I'm going to keep walking, and keep praying. Our prayers shift things in the spiritual realm, and they draw us into our Daddy's heart.

So next time you're out for a walk or a drive, I challenge you to say a prayer for your community...and keep praying. Watch how God moves!

End note about my walk turned prayer walk.

Today I also was able to work on a new project, which was re-creating the hand lettering that I did of Matthew 10:31 from a 4'' x 6'' form to a 16'' x 20'' form. It took me about five hours, but here's the process and the finished piece!

Did you know that YOU are worth more than many sparrows? You are. Yes, YOU. 

You are worthy.

You are worth it all to HIM. Let that sink in to your heart today.

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