Friday, September 7, 2012

Captured Frames: Malaysia

Welcome to the jungle- I mean Malaysia. But really, if you're looking for the real deal jungle....take a trek to Malaysia and wander out past Kuala Lumpur. Head up into some mountains, see breathtaking views...oh, and watch out for elephants, they like to cross the road. Seriously, there are elephant road caution signs along the way.

Malaysia was a month that I physically hit a wall. I was exhausted at the start of the month, and we moved around a lot. But God was good, and we met many amazing people in our travels across the northern part of Malaysia. We ministered to many Indian families, and were greatly blessed by them in return as well.

It was a month of eating lots of delicious curry, eating dinner super late (think 9 or 10pm), facing a lot of spiritual warfare, proclaiming God's love and goodness, and finding fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ around Malaysia.

Enjoy this look at our month in Malaysia!

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