Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Captured Frames: Moldova

Well, here we are, you're at the end of my eleven month journey around the world.

Our final month in Moldova. Which, I was actually in a different "country" called Transnistria. It is a political breakaway of Moldova, has it's own border (but no US embassy), military, police, etc. It is only recognized by Russia and North Korea, and we called it home for the last month of the World Race.

And it was one of my favorite months on the World Race. The culture was similar to what we found in eastern Ukraine...a sort of Russian culture outside of Russia. It was a busy month, right from the beginning. But it was a blessing, and I absolutely loved getting to be a part of the church in Tiraspol and what they are doing in Transnistria. God is moving!

Memories of Transnistria...

Cherries everywhere!
Long walks to the bus stop and back to go into Tiraspol (but I love walking, so that was nice)
My 24th birthday, and getting to eat Mexican food!! So delicious.
Working in the "brick yard".
Being a part of the churches 17 year anniversary/birthday.
Singing along to "We Are Family" with a band that sang mainly in Russian, but sang that English song at the 17 year celebration!
Worship at the church in Tiraspol, complete with saxophone and accordion!
The open, loving hearts of the people that we got to know in Transnistria...they are such a light and joy!

Enjoy this look into our last month on the World Race!

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