Monday, September 17, 2012

Captured Frames: China

So this one is a little out of order, but here is my video from China!

We spent the month of March working with an amazing special needs orphanage. The kids there stole my heart, they were precious beyond words! I was also able to paint two murals for them, which was a blast.

Memories of China...

Our first cold month on the race, which meant wearing tons of layers, scarves, coats, and hats. Which was really very strange after sweating constantly for the seven months prior to that (more for me because I come from the hot hot state of Arizona).

Hot pot! A delicious soup establishment that is popular in China. You get a boiling pot of soup, and put in uncooked veggies, slices of meat, dumplings, etc to cook, then you eat it! Yum. Perfect for those cold days.

Birthday Cake oreos. The rest of the world knows how to do it right with amazing flavors of oreos. Although, there are some strange flavors too (green tea, mango, I think dragon fruit or lychee may have been part of a flavor too. I stayed away from those.)

Seeing the Great Wall of China!

Climbing countless stairs. Not just on the Great Wall, but everywhere else. There aren't many elevators in China, and there sure are a lot of floors on buildings.

Waiting in line from 1:40am to 4:40am for a taxi in Beijing in the freezing cold. That was a tough one.

Exploring Beijing!

China was an amazing place. Such ancient history, and it was so neat to explore that a little. And like I said, those kids captured my heart. Check out the video!

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