Saturday, September 15, 2012

Captured Frames: Romania

Ah, Romania.

It was a month of refreshment at a camp on the top of a hill, overlooking a peaceful, quiet village. We could see sheep dotting the hills almost every day. Spring had sprung, and lush greenery surrounded us. Our team and two others worked to prepare this camp for the busy summer months to come for little ones that would hear about God and experience summer camp.

It was a sweet month of spending time with the Lord. Seeking His heart for the future. Worshiping. Pressing in.

God spoke to me a lot about fire that month, which came up in some very interesting ways. In dreams, through words, verses, and images. It was also a month that I got to dive more and more into my artwork, and really paint and work with the Lord in creating my pieces.

In all, it was a sweet time!

(Minus the time I fell down the spiral staircase and hit my head on the tiled steps. Ouch!)

Anyways, enjoy the video of our time in Romania!

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