Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Marriage Tip #12

Life is pretty busy. Schedules, appointments, jobs, commitments, social lives. Most importantly (and sometimes most forgotten about) is relationships. In our culture we have done a lot of forfeiting actual face to face quality time for screen time.

It may take intentional planning and carving out time from your calendar, but face to face time, especially with your spouse, is crucial.

So my next marriage tip...plan a "weekend getaway."

Now, before you dismiss the idea all together because the mere thought of clearing your calendar for that seems impossible, let me challenge you for a second. That very reason is exactly why you SHOULD have a weekend getaway.

When life gets too busy to set aside intentional time together, some priorities need to be re-shifted and new plans need to take place. I read recently that "one of the best gifts you can give your children is having an awesome marriage." And while I do not yet have children, this rings so true.

And to foster that marriage relationship, intentional time needs to be spent on it. One easy way to get refocused is taking a weekend getaway. It doesn't have to be elaborate, you honestly don't even have to leave town. The point is creating time for just you and your spouse and getting outside of your normal routine.

Here are some great ways that you can plan your weekend getaway at any budget.

$$$$ - If you have some extra money saved up, or want to save up, use that money to get out of town and fly somewhere you have never been before. Take a day and explore a new place together and have fun! It could be a night in NYC, or another big city. Find a city that has great public transportation to and from the airport and you don't have to worry about a car! Also, check out Groupon or Living Social for Flash getaway deals!

$$$ - Drive to a near by place you may or may not have ever been to. Book a hotel for a night or two, and just be together. See a local sight, try a local restaurant and make new memories together. Take a map and see what is within 3-5 hours of driving and plan a two night get away to explore!

$$ - Find an awesome deal on a local hotel! Priceline has a great "name your own price tool" where you might score a fancy hotel for cheap. Or again, check out Groupon and Living Social for deals in your area! Stay the night in a new area of town, dress up and go out to a fancy dinner. This is a great way to get away even for one night, and doesn't cost a lot!

$ - Here is a low cost option too! Have a "stay-cation" getaway. The key with this is making sure that you have other arrangements if you have kiddos. Clean up the house, get some bubble bath, maybe even new sheets or something fun to jazz up the room. Change things up at home! Go out for a fancy dinner, or cook together at home!

Whatever your budget and time frame looks like, be intentional and set a weekend getaway with your spouse! Take time to be together and spend quality face to face time with one another!

What has been your favorite weekend getaway with your spouse? What made it so special?

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