Monday, February 23, 2015

Hitting the Wall

It happens to all of us. In a lot of different areas of life, too. Sometimes it is easy to spot, other times it comes upon us gradually, and then we find ourselves with it smack dab in front of our face, and looming up above us.

The proverbial "wall."

We all hit it at one point or another and in different ways. It can be in your job, in learning, in relationships, and especially in health and fitness.

Here's the rub, though. Hitting a wall is not the end of the world. Is it not an excuse to call it quits. Hitting a wall simply means we need to try something new and break through it.

Yes, hitting a wall is hard. There is no denying that. I can't count how many walls I have hit in so many different areas of my life over the years. But the key I have found, especially as we are talking today with health and fitness, is to keep going.

I have been on this journey for a year now. It blows my mind. And while I have absolutely been consistent (for the first time ever with fitness), I have still had my ups and downs, and hit my share of walls.

I hit a wall when I first started because I was working out, but not eating right. So I stopped, changed it up and got us eating right. I hit plateaus and walls with my fitness. I hit a wall when I realized I was still eating out of boredom and emotions. I hit a wall and opened my eyes when I was eating way too many carbs for my own good in one day.

Has this stopped me? No. My advice? Realize what's happening, and move on. I want to share a few more tips with you today too, but I want to first make sure you know that you are not alone when you hit a wall. It is normal and happens to all of us! What dictates your success or failure is what you do when you get to that wall.

So. You're here with the rest of us, and you've hit that wall. Now what? That bag of potato chips and that batch of brownies are looking like a might fine option right now aren't they? Well stick with me just a little bit more.

1. Recognize that you hit a wall. Admitting that you have is OKAY. Good, even. Admit it to yourself, and...

2. MOVE ON. I heard a really great analogy that has since stuck with me. When you blow a tire, or it goes flat, what do you do? Do you go around and slash all three other tires because one has failed? No. You replace the one. Same thing when you hit a wall. You replace it and move on. How do you do that?

3. Physically go somewhere new. It doesn't have to be far, it could be somewhere you have been before. But get out of your normal physical space and go somewhere new. There is something that can shift inside when you take yourself to a new place.

4. Change things up. DO something new. It could be a one time hike you take with your family, or taking a new way home from work, or finding a new recipe to cook. Doing something new can help push you past the wall.

5. Change up your workout routine. When you hit a wall in fitness, it is good to give yourself a new challenge. Whether you change it only for a week, or a whole new program, give your body a reboot with a fresh challenge. This is huge!

6. Refresh. Take a day just for yourself. Spend time UNPLUGGED from technology. Go outside, go to a coffee shop, go wherever gives you rest and refreshes you. Just make intentional time for you.

7. Reevaluate. Whether this is during your refresh time or not, take a few minutes to look back at what led you to the wall. What routines you were doing that may have just been going through the motions. See if you can brainstorm ways to spice the routine up!

8. Complement yourself. In a discouraging time where you have hit a wall, it can be hard to be nice to yourself. But you really need to be! Take a piece of paper and write down five complements to yourself about your journey that you are proud of accomplishing, and that you love about yourself.

9. Make a plan. With all these steps, use your ideas on how to switch up your routine and make a plan to make it happen! You can plan a week or month in advance, but set your goal and make a plan on how you will spice up your routine for this period of time.

10. Stay positive and don't give up. Lastly, but possibly most important for this whole process is to keep positive and don't quit or give up. Sometimes it can take going through these steps several times before you break through. But keep at it, keep going, and never, ever, give up.

I hope these steps and tips have encouraged your heart. For those of you stuck in a rut or have hit a wall, hang in there. Give these a try, what do you have to lose except the wall?

What's one way you help get yourself up when you hit a wall?

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