Friday, July 11, 2014

The Studio App Tutorial

One of my favorite apps that I use to help create some of my Instagram and Facebook posts is Studio. It's a free app and it has a wide variety of graphics that you can customize yourself. You can create to your hearts content!

What I'm going to do is walk you through is just a simple quote picture, but you can create your own using your own Camera or Picture Library on your phone for the background picture! There are so many different things you can do for your pictures, but here's just a simple look at what I do.

1. Open the Studio App!
2. Click the green plus button to create a new picture.
3. Select to create a blank canvas.
4. Click the upper left hand corner button called "Layers."

5. Click "Add overlay."
6. Here is where all of your graphics are. You will click this button to add anything to your picture. 
7.To give your canvas background a color, I typically select a square and choose the color of my choice.
8. Click the "color" button at the bottom to scroll through and find the color you want. 

9. For this picture, I selected a blue. To enlarge or shrink the square, simply pinch the square and make it bigger or smaller. 
10. Click your layers button again and this time find the "Flowers" graphics. These graphics are all free, but you have to add them to your app by "shopping" and selecting the graphic design sets you want to use on your pictures. There are tons of great ones!
11. Select which flower pieces you want to use, and enlarge or shrink them as we did for the square.
12. This is one of my favorite parts of Studio, the "fade" bar. Toggle this little circle and you can keep your graphic completely bold, or you can fade the color so it's a lighter shade and a little see through. I made this one lighter. 

13. Next, we are adding in our text! Click on the layers tab, and find which fonts you like best. For each different word, I went back and selected a new font.
14. You will adjust their size the same as you did for the square and flowers. Drag them around the screen to your desired placement.
15. Next I am adding lines for a visual break between each word. Go back to the layers button.
16. Find the lines tab, and select your choice. Now, to make it simple on yourself, you can duplicate the line exactly to the size you want by adjusting your first line, then clicking the layer button. You will see to the left of your line "layer" it will say "Edit." Click edit and you will find a choice to "duplicate layer." You can also delete layers from this point.

17. Once you are satisfied with your placement, you will go to the upper right hand corner and select "finish." Then you will hit the "publish" button.
18. Click each media drive you want to save your picture to. Typically I save it just to my camera roll, but you can upload it to any platform you desire.

And...tada! You have a fun, simple quote put together through the Studio App. 

What is your favorite picture app to use? Comment below with your favorites, I love finding new ones! 

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