Saturday, September 27, 2014

5 of My Favorite T25 Workout Moves

Exercise was not on my list of favorite things to do really at any point in my life. I knew physical activity was good for you, but I preferred to read a book, write, or draw. Not to mention I always felt discouraged because I wasn’t the same size as everyone else.

But despite my past misgivings, I have actually come to enjoy exercise and working out! Of course there are always days that I would rather do something else, and getting in my workout seems tedious and time consuming. But overall, because I have made time for health and fitness in my life, I enjoy it a lot more!

So today I wanted to share five of my favorite moves from T25 and share them with you. Give them a shot yourself at home and see what you think! They are simple moves, but effective. And boy when you throw them in the mix of a Shaun T workout, the sweat is going to start to flow!

1. Lunge Squat Progression. This is one that I still modify and take slower, but I love it! It’s much more fun to me than just doing normal squats or lunges (which I don’t generally like lunges all that much). So in a non-modified move, you are going to turn to your left and lunge, jump center and squat, turn right and lunge, jump center squat, then turn left and repeat. To modify it, you just take out the jump and rotate through the lunge, squat to lunge again.

2. V Hold. I have a love hate relationship with the V hold, but it is still one of my favorite moves, and through the workouts it progresses in various ways. But the basics of this move help your core and lower abs. You are going to sit and bring your feet up and create a “v” with your body. You can keep your hands on the floor or put them up in the air.

3. Speed and Agility. This is one of Shaun T’s moves that shows up throughout several of the T25 workouts, and I love it! It’s a quick move, it will get your heart rate going, and you’re working on being able to move quickly. He describes it as a forward and back jumping jack. You start with your feet center, then split your feet, right foot forward, left foot back. Jump center, then split your feet the other way, left foot forward, right foot back. Jump center, and do two “out and ins” with your feet. It can take a minute to get used to the move, but once you have it, it’s great!

4. Spider Lunges and Spider Static Stretches. I had never tried these moves before T25, but I love the spider lunges! At first I could not get my foot all the way up to my hands, but when you are consistently working your hip flexors, you become more flexible and can move farther. Start in plan position, then bring your right foot up to your hands, making your knee and shoulder touch. Take your foot back into plank position, and then bring your left foot up to your hands again the same way.

5. Alternating High Knees. This move is a great one to work your core and lower abs, and you can take it up in intensity as well. You can start out on your feet, bringing your knee up towards your chest, and alternating through. To progress up, bring it up onto your toes and keep the heel off the group. The next step up after that would be to have a high knee jog. This move is like a standing crunch almost, so when you bring your knee up towards you chest, you want to squeeze your core.

There are only a few of many of my favorite moves from T25! There are seriously so many great moves that really target problem areas in my body and really help me to get great results, and help me get stronger.

Have you ever tried any of these moves? Give them a try and tell me which one is your favorite, let’s see if we have some of the same ones!

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