Thursday, September 18, 2014

100 Pound Challenge

100 Pound Challenge

10 challengers.
30 days.
100 pounds.

This will be epic!

Okay, so I might sound a little bit like I’m creating some sort of wild Survivor challenge here, but really that isn’t the case. But, it is something even better because it truly has the ability to change people’s lives. I know, because I have experienced it for myself and want to pass it on to others!

On September 29th, I will be co-hosting a special, exclusive challenge group with the talented miss Barbara Baez. She and I will lead a group of 10 challengers on a mission to lose 10 pounds each in 30 days. How will we do this, you ask?

By using the nutrition plan and workout tools from the 21 Day Fix program! I have done a full review of the 21 Day Fix here, so check that out for more details about the program. In short, it is an incredible simple, effective way to learn about nutrition, clean up your diet, go through simple exercises and lose weight.

So what inspired this challenge? Barbara came up with this idea, and asked if I would join in. And let me tell you, I am all in behind this challenge. The 21 Day Fix has seriously opened my eyes and taken my health to another level, so I want to help others get to that point too.

Think about it, how many of you have the best intentions of working out, eating better, and getting in shape? I feel like most people would say yes to that. How many of you have a fitness or workout DVD sitting on your shelf collecting dust from a few years back? I know that I did! Several. I had quite a few programs that I got two weeks into and gave up on.

Well let me tell you, Barbara and I will not give up on you. Your 21 Day Fix DVD is not going to be collecting dust on the shelf. You are going to be in a group with nine other dedicated individuals who truly want to make a difference in their life and health by beginning this journey and losing ten pounds each.

There is nothing like having a group of people surrounding you, going through the exact same feelings and emotions as each of you pushes towards the goal. You will be motivated, encouraged, and challenged. And you know what? It is just thirty short days, and you can stay consistent and you can finish.

In our challenge, you will have one on one support from me, and I will work with you to set your goals and make a plan of action. I will help you with meal plans and nutrition. Every day Barbara and I will be posting motivational tips and information into our group, and every day you will have the accountability of nine other people.

You can be one of our ten who loses ten pounds in thirty days. What would that mean to you? What would losing ten pounds mean in your life? Would your old pair of jeans fit better as the weather gets cooler this fall? Will you feel more comfortable and not like you have to wear clothes to hide your body? Would it give you a sense of accomplishment for finally finishing a program? Would you feel more alive and energized?

These truly are possibilities in your life. I know first hand, because I was in a place where I thought I couldn’t change. But you know what? If I did, so can you.

It’s time to stop saying “one day” and start saying “today.” Because one of these days, you’re going to run out of “one days.” It might be at a doctor visit where they tell you your blood pressure is too high, or you have diabetes, or even worse things. It might be when you can’t keep up with your kids, or your spouse.

And let me tell you again from first hand experience, it’s an even longer road back when you run out of “one days.” But this is your moment. This is doable. This is sustainable.

Will you take the 100 pound challenge with us? Will you be one of our elite ten?

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