Monday, March 9, 2015

Motivate Your March


Not quite winter, not quite spring. The weather can be extremely bi-polar (at least in the south), where we swing from a beautiful almost 70 degrees and then plunge into an ice storm, literally. Add in the lovely Daylight Savings Time change to the mix and you have one awkward cocktail mixture.

March can sort of be like the awkward phase of middle school. Not in elementary school, but not junior high yet. Awkward.

I don't know about you, but I was struggling last week. I was sleepy after the time change (and still am), I am yearning for consistent nice weather so Zach and I can hike and play outadie. I'm ready for it to be light all day long. March so far, has been an in between seasons. And last week, I was dreading that. Truly dreading.

But God gave me a new perspective, and revealed to me the deeper issues that I needed to address in my life. Therefore I am determined to use this in between season and beyond to get motivated, sharpen my confidence, and be a light.

I know that I am not the only one who has to feel this way. There is nothing new under the sun. So, as I embark on this "motivate your March," I want to bring you along.

Here is what I am focusing on and working on this month, and why.

1. Setting attainable and realistic goals for myself. I am dreaming big, but I am also allowing myself to set goals for "quick wins", too, to help keep me motivated.

2. Making a consistent effort to get dressed professionally every day. I am not a fashionista. I love comfy clothes. But, I know that for myself, if I sit in my PJs all day (which there is nothing wrong with that), I will not feel as motivated. So I am raiding my own closet and putting on clothes I haven't worn in a while and doing it up!

3. Exercising every day. I already do this, but I am putting a particular emphasis on it. Exercise gives me a lot of great energy and confidence through the whole day!

4. Writing out personal affirmations. This can be hard. Positive self talk can seem awkward, and make can make you feel uncomfortable at first. But it helps! Speak positively about who you are and your goals and write it down daily.

5. Do something three times a week that brings me joy. This could be reading a fiction book, making a piece of art, or even cooking for me. I want to dive into the things that enrich my life.

So why am I going to do these things the rest of this month? I am going to put intentional effort into my life. Life is too precious not to. Too precious to get caught up, too precious not to slow down and enjoy the process.

#motivateyourmarch, here I come. And I would love for YOU to join with me. If you feel like you want to ignite a fire in your heart this month and find confidence and motivation, join me in this challenge for the remainder of this month!

I will be documenting my journey over these next weeks and sharing it via Instagram and Facebook, and most likely a blog or two as well. Each day I will feature at least one aspect of this #motivateyourmarch.

Let me know that you are joining in by tagging me @sarahfcason on Instagram and tagging your photo with #motivateyourmarch, or tagging me at Sarah Cason on Facebook. Be sure to follow along and find some joy and inspiration for your month too!

Who's with me?

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