Monday, March 30, 2015

Marriage Tip #15

Date night. Dinner and a movie. Five star restaurant. Drive in movie. A round of putt putt golf. A picnic in the park. Romantic candle light dinner. All of these ideas are some pretty standard date night ideas, and ones that I love, in fact! Honestly, the more ideas, the better. You can get so creative when it comes to date night.

But today, my tip is going to challenge you to get out of the date night box. I'm calling you to date DAY. And more specific, a romantic breakfast date. Yes, breakfast.

Our marriage tip for today is to plan a breakfast date with your spouse, and if you have time, make it a whole date day.

Zach and I have actually done a lot of breakfast dates over the course of our dating, engagement and marriage. We especially had a lot during our early dating days because we were about an hour and a half apart, and met in the middle of Atlanta for breakfast more than a few times. It also helps that my honey absolutely loves breakfast foods (pancakes in particular) so convincing him to go on a breakfast date it pretty easy.

But, if you have never tried to have a breakfast date with your spouse, or a date day, I challenge you to break out of the box of date night and switch things up. Great things happen when you get out of your normal routine and try something new, and who knows, maybe this is the spark that ignites something great and begins a new tradition for you.

I mean really, how fantastic is it to start the day on the right foot with your spouse? Starting the day over a long conversation over morning coffee, lingering over a tasty bowl of oatmeal, or a warm plate of bacon and eggs, or a towering stack of pancakes? There is so much creativity that can happen even within breakfast.

If you don't want to cook it yourself, go out to a fun breakfast place nearby! Discover a whole new breakfast restaurant you haven't tried, or visit an old favorite. If you do enjoy cooking (And we do) it is also a lot of fun to cook breakfast together!

Zach and I have even gone on an early morning shopping trip together to get some ingredients and then come back and prepare breakfast while listening to some fun jazz and just relaxing together. Seriously, there is so much greatness that can happen over a breakfast table, particularly if you have time to linger together.

So, my challenge to you is this....plan and have a breakfast date with your spouse! Decide if you will go out for breakfast, or if you will stay in and make a special breakfast together! You could even have breakfast in bed and read a book together or watch your favorite show after breakfast. Personally my favorite is at the kitchen table, but there is so much creativity to be had.

Who else has experienced the amazingness of a breakfast date before? What's your favorite date DAY activity?

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