Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Les Mills Combat Review

After doing several rounds of two incredible programs, FOCUS T25 and the 21 Day Fix, and getting some great results, I decided I wanted to try something new and take it to the next level. My husband has had his eye on another Beachbody program called Les Mills Combat. A sort of "mixed martial arts" workout. I could see why it appealed to him.

After I got the program for him, I decided that I wanted to try it with him! Quite a few years back I took a short kick boxing class that was a lot of fun, so while Combat was a different style of workout than I had been doing, it looked fun.

Currently we are over half way done with our first 60 days of Combat, and I can say without hesitation that it is a lot of fun.

So let's get into the good, the bad, the DETAILS!

Les Mills Combat

How long is the program? 60 days, with options for a 5 day workout week or 6 day workout week.

What comes with it? A good variety of actual workouts (7), an instructional video to show you how to properly do the moves, nutritional guide, getting started guide and gloves!

What fitness level would I recommend this to? I would recommend this for people at any fitness level. Its fairly low impact, but you can really amp up your energy level for those who are more advanced in fitness. Plus its not your normal every day program!

How long are the workouts? There are three 30 minute workouts, one 45 minute workout, and two 60 minute workouts.

- I can't lie, I was really intimidated thinking about doing a whole sixty minute workout. 30 minutes has been my sweet spot, and I was nervous about a full hour.
- I really enjoy a full stretching or yoga workout, and there isn't one included in the base package. But, I do one from my other programs.
-For lifting and cardio junkies...there are a lot of these elements mixed in to the workouts, but its just a different kind of workout for the most part.

-There is a modifier for each move in case you need lower impact.
- This program has lots of variety! Along with your various types of martial arts, you have two HIIT workouts, they incorporate ab work, push ups, planks, and the like with the workouts.
- I love the trainers enthusiasm and instruction. Each program and trainer has their own style and I really enjoyed this one, they are doing the moves with you the whole time, pushing you further.
- You will build muscles in places in your back you never even knew about! And you might be sore there too, but its a good burn. It worked a whole new set of muscle groups for me.
- Improved posture! I've found that since starting this, I've had better posture because of the muscles in my back that I'm strengthening.
- It's almost like an adrenaline rush doing Combat workouts! And you can store that knowledge for self defense if you ever needed it.

I will definitely be doing this workout again! While 60 minute workouts can sound intimidating it was so much more doable than I was expecting! I absolutely love all of the workouts and variety. I can't argue with results either. I'm doing more burpees, push ups and kicks already than when I started. My upper body strength is improving as well as my endurance. I absolutely recommend this program!

Whether you are looking to mix up your routine, get out some stress through kicking and punching, break a plateau and get new results, I would encourage you to look at Les Mills Combat!
Be sure to stay tuned in the next few weeks when I talk about my final overall results from doing the program for 60 days.

Have you ever done a mixed martial arts or kick boxing class? What were your thoughts?

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