Saturday, October 13, 2012

Swingin' in a Hammock

Remember the other day when I was talking about how God gives me little gifts sometimes that just light up my heart? This morning He gave me a few more. As I gathered with a handful of other women from church this morning for a breakfast, prayer and fellowship time, I felt God just leading me by the hand into a cozy morning with Him.

One gift from Him, sitting around a wooden table, cool morning breeze blowing in, eating a yummy breakfast with women that I care deeply about, just talking about life.

Another gift, drinking a warm cup of coffee on this gorgeous, crisp morning.
(picture from Pinterest)

Another gift, being able to sit out on this lovely hammock and have my quiet time surrounded by my beautiful sisters in Christ. It took me back to time in Cambodia, where there truly were hammocks everywhere. Everyone had a hammock, and they used them a lot. You just sit back, and let life sink in. You let the beauty sink in.

This was my view this morning. Absolutely gorgeous morning!

This is what the view took me back to...

Darling, beautiful Cambodia.

It took me back to a month on the World Race where life was very simple, and it was beautiful. And as I sat there, swinging in that hammock, praying to my Abba, God swept me off my feet.

He told me, "Be still, and know that I am God. Be still, Sarah, and know that I am YOUR God."

God truly captures my heart in the beautiful simplicities of life, and I wish that every moment of my life I slowed down to just be with Him in the midst of it. I know that it is possible, but very seldom do I let myself do it. After traveling for a year and experiencing life with a fast, yet slow pace, I've found the American lifestyle of "go go go" and being busy just to be busy and not actually doing something to be overwhelming. And yet I still find myself getting caught up in it. 

The distractions surround us constantly, beckon us with shiny mechanisms that promise instant gratification. Technology, media, TV, books, networking. None of these is inherently bad, but it can be dangerous to be consumed by them, especially when we get so caught up that we forget who we really are, and more importantly, WHOSE we are.

So this morning was just a beautiful gift from my Abba, letting me breath in and remember His steady love as I sat swinging in a hammock on this cool morning. 

Be still, and know that He is your God, and He loves you. 

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