Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hand Lettering

If you haven't noticed, hand lettering has been a recent fascination of mine. I've always loved to experiment with my own "fonts," you know, the kind when you're a kid and you attach a little ribbon with a heart dangling on it to every letter. Oh you didn't do that? Oops.

Well, in any case, I did those kinds of things, added curl upon curl to letters, making the infamous "Curlz" font look straight as an arrow. Yes, the more elaborate and ornate, the better. I even tried my hand at calligraphy for a while, which I still love to this day.

While my curl tendencies may have subsided, and I not longer attach a dangling heart to each of my letters, I still love lettering. I adore writing things out on paper, making a fancy title, addressing an envelope with some flair, making signs, and anything else you can think of.

One day in the recent past (read as- last month), I had the afternoon free. I've been trying to draw something every day lately, or at least spend 20 minutes working on an already existing piece. That day I had no other piece to work on, so I decided I wanted to try and script a verse. Matthew 10:31, to be exact. I put a movie on my computer, and started drawing away. One more movie went by, and I was finished.

This was the start of something new. From there, I lettered just one word, Chosen, which I explained in a previous blog  why this word is important to me. 

I was then requested to do a larger version of "Worth," the Matthew 10:31 piece. So I set out to recreate the verse in a larger size. Here's how it turned out. 

Then I found that it was time for my best friend's birthday party, which was Audrey Hepburn themed, so I did a Breakfast at Tiffany's sign to welcome guests to the party! The itch to keep doing lettering kept growing stronger and stronger.

I'm also working on a wedding sign for an upcoming wedding! This is just the sketch of it, I'll be working on the final product this week. 

And this week, I just felt my soul drawn back to making hand letterings of Scripture passages. So I did Psalm 28:7, and Jeremiah 20:9.

And last, but certainly not least, last night I made this card for a bridal shower! Even though I work at a card store now, I still love making cards for people. 

So there you have it, folks. My recent obsession with hand lettering. Be on the look out for more verses soon. It's something that I find soothes the soul. Like curling up next to a stone fireplace with a cup of hot coffee, looking out at the first snowfall of the season. (Not like we have that here, but I do miss that feeling) Being able to pen out the Word of God is special to my heart. And of course, getting to make other pieces as well.

Hope you enjoyed a little peak into one of the latest art themes has been for me! 

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