Thursday, October 11, 2012

Raindrops on Roses

While most of the country has been bathed in cooler weather, surrounded by vibrant fall colors, and enchanted by the delicious season of fall, Tucson has remained the veritable hot box known as the desert. Now, this is not really that normal. Yes, we're generally still a bit hotter than most in the country, it shouldn't be in the 100's still. Or the 90's. This is October! Right?

What I want to see (taken in Monessen, PA a few years back)

What I do see...which, okay, it really isn't THAT bad, I love the mountains. But it's always the same color.

My dreams of warm apple pie, crisp mornings, piping hot beverages that warm the hands and heart are only that- just dreams. Until we get a lovely cold front, I continue to blast my air con (air conditioning...air con is a term I picked up in Asia. Thanks Philippines.) to gain any relief from this heat.

Please cooler weather, will you come?

I've tried to maintain a positive attitude about it. But when I heard that there was a slight chance of rain for today and tomorrow, I prayed to God for the rain to COME. Literally, wrote it in my journal. My soul just thirsts for a nice rainy day, and a relief from the heat. Even a little nibble of fall to hold me off until the real season comes (although it's not quite the same as east coast fall, it's a temporary relief from the scorching desert heat).

The weather reports were saying that we had a chance of rain this evening. But I wrote it down in my prayer journal as I just sat with God early this morning, asking for some rain. I closed up my journal, and left for work. I grabbed a cup of coffee on my way, and then all of the sudden as I'm driving down the road, a huge raindrop splashes across my windshield. And another. And another. Soon, it's literally down pouring, but I can still see the sun rising in the mirror behind me.

All I could do was smile and laugh. Laugh with joy and just shake my head at my wonderful Abba who would give me such a beautiful gift this morning.

Making it rain, making it pour on my way to work, in this one little patch of road.

And it actually rained off and on all throughout the day. Every time I looked out the window saw beads of water dripping down the window pane, and heard the gentle pitter patter against the glass, I smiled.

Yes, my Abba is a God who gives good gifts. Simple, little gifts some days that just mean the world to me. Like making it rain on my way to work. Breathing cool life onto my skin, and soaking the ground with his love.

A gift he gave me a few years ago...this ice was on my car windshield and back window. Literally formed exactly like this, I had never ever seen anything like it. It was absolutely breathtaking!

 Some may argue that it was just a mere coincidence. But I know better. I know that He had me where I needed to be at just the right time to delight my heart this morning. Because He knew that that was exactly what I needed.

Do you know that He'll do the same for you? Don't be afraid to ask Him for the little things, to ask Him to whisper His love to you in simple, but extravagant ways that touch your heart. You may just be surprised at how He shows up!

Some gifts He has blessed my heart with...

 Who doesn't love to see a flower that stands out among the crowd at Disneyland?

 I love being at the beach. Can't resist the water!

 Flowers always seem to captivate me. God is so creative!

 And come on, seriously, how adorable are these guys?? They were in West Virginia.

 I also can't resist blowing dandelions. I love the simple pleasures of life.

 Gorgeous view of the Rockies from a plane a few years ago on a trip home.

And of course, a good cup of hot tea.

What gifts has God given you today?

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