Sunday, August 10, 2014

Personal Transformation

Transforming anything in your life can be intimidating, overwhelming and scary. It requires change, getting out of your comfort zone and finding a new "normal." Whether you are transforming physically, spiritually, emotionally, in your career, or any area, transformation denotes change, and change can be difficult.

But I want to share with you today that you are not alone in your transformation, and that you CAN have transformation in your life, whether that's physical, spiritual, mental, relationally, or whatever. There's one key that I've found that really creates amazing transformations, and I'm going to share it with you in this quick video I made.

The key to any transformation and change in life is consistency. We don't become set in our ways overnight, and to undo our habits takes longer than a day, a week, a month. It takes consistent effort.

Looking on from the outside or by the bigger picture, the daily activities may not seem that important. Some things may seem small, and trivial even. But in reality, those small daily choices compound over time, and will either take you in the direction of your goals, or away from them.

One simple concept that has stuck with me since I began my health and fitness journey encapsulates this fact and gives a good visual as well. Imagine that if immediately after you ate a fast food burger or a sugary cupcake, you gained 100 pounds. Would you eat that hamburger or cupcake? No, probably not. Now imagine that if from the first draw of a cigarette you got lung cancer, would you do it? Probably not.

Usually our immediate gratification desires kick in and we think "well, it's just this once, what harm will it do?" But if we make those small choices again and again, over time, they lead us in the wrong direction. The same is true for healthy choices. If you workout today, are you going to wake up tomorrow with six pack abs? No. If you stay within your caloric range with nutrition today, are you going to lose 100 pounds by tomorrow? No.

The point is, it has taken us each time to get where we are, so we can't expect immediate results in return, either. It takes consistent effort, especially in the small choices.

What is one small choice you can make today that will lead you closer to your transformation story and reaching your goals?

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