Monday, August 20, 2012

Captured Frames: Uganda

That moment when you have a mini heart attack making a turn and suddenly wonder if you turned into the correct lane. Yeah, that happened today. That's how you know you spent some time driving on the wrong side of the road across the world. It still gets me from time to time.

But here we are, looking back at Month 2 of the World Race in Uganda, in September 2011.

Uganda was a month of difficulty for me. It was a challenge physically, spiritually and emotionally. Physically, I had black eyes for two weeks from our white water rafting adventure down the might Nile River, and also got malaria here. Spiritually, there was great darkness and oppression where we were in Uganda, and as a team we had to unite in prayer and stand firm in battle. Emotionally I was still trying to figure out my identity in Christ, and what that meant in my life.

It was a powerful month, even through the difficulty. Because of the many challenges that we faced, we rose up to face them, and God stood with us. There is no greater force than our Almighty Abba, and it was extraordinary to sit at His feet, even in my many moments of weakness during this month.

There are many smiles, faces, and memories that I will not soon forget in Uganda. Check out our time in this country...complete with my bungee jumping experience, white water rafting adventure, and my almost broken nose. Enjoy!

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