Thursday, August 23, 2012

Captured Frames: Rwanda

Ah, Rwanda. 

I can still remember the shock, awe, and fascination in my mind as we drove through the capitol of Rwanda, Kigali for the first time. There were street lights, stop signals, paved roads, shops with huge glass window panes, center stripes on the road, a downtown area that was clean, and even a mall. 

It's funny looking back now at just how in awe I was. But it really was such a blessing, ending our time in Africa in Rwanda. I remember when we arrived at Pastor's house, and we saw a mini-fridge, a TV, and we all had a bed to sleep in or share, it was just humbling. I wanted to cry for joy. 

There was a deep joy in Rwanda that I was drawn to. While the country suffered from a terrible genocide not even twenty years ago, hope is rising. Healing is happening. Rwanda is moving forward. And I was blessed beyond words by all the families we met in Rwanda, and the hospitality and generosity we experienced there.

Check out the video footage and pictures of all the blessed children and people we encountered in the "Land of a Thousand Hills"....Rwanda. 

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