Friday, July 27, 2012


Light bends softly through barren tree branches. Wind whispers over surfaces of cold rock, and brushes gently over tendrils of dry grass. It is a cool wind, not as harsh as the freezing winds experienced before. The ground has thawed, and warmth settles in the air. Twisting, turning through the soft underbrush, the wind spins the sweet smell of spring through the air. The sun suddenly breaks through the trees, and falls to a small spot on the ground near a large rock. In that small golden pool of light, a green shoot is illuminated, a vibrant, brilliant green stalk of life springing through the ground. A new season has come, and life is birthed from the fertile ground. It is time to begin.

There is something very bittersweet about endings. Of the close of a season. One month ago from today, I arrived back home in Tucson, Arizona to surprise my family with my return. My World Race adventure came to a close with many tearful goodbyes in the New York City airport. I was excited to be back in the United States. It was weird, and strange to be back. To hear everyone speaking English around me. But it was good to be back. And it was good to see my family and friends, and my church.

It was a bittersweet close of a wonderful season. Through the end of my time with the World Race, though, new life is beginning to spring up in a new season. And that is exciting.

This past weekend, I was reunited with my dear World Race family in Gainesville, Georgia. We prayed together, dreamed together, worshipped together. I can't express to you how good it was to worship with my World Race family. God has given us a rhythm and a life together in worship. More than once we have been spoken over as having a violence in our worship. And not a violence that is destructive in a bad way. This violence is against the gates of hell. Against the darkness of the world. It is His furious love that moves through us, opens our mouths and causes us to sing and proclaim.

While at this gathering that AIM (Adventures in Missions) for Project Searchlight, we heard from many phenomenal leaders about our calling, pursuing our dreams, and bringing the Kingdom. Many truths were revealed to us, and a great peace settled on my heart about what is in store for the future. And I want to share those truths with you.

God trusts us. God trusts YOU.

Let that sink in a minute. I had to sit on that for quite a while, because it's deep. He trusts us with himself. With the future, with everything. The maker of heaven and earth TRUSTS YOU.

We need community. We need discipleship. We need an opportunity to make a difference. And we need a path for personal growth. All of these things are so valuable and worth digging into.

It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. And it's not about altitude, but attitude. God isn't as concerned about the height of your success and achievement as He is about your attitude and learning what He is teaching you in each season.

Know the Author of the Book. It's not as much about head knowledge as it is about heart knowledge. Know the Author of the Bible. Listen to His voice through Scripture, but also seek Him out.

And finally...a big one.

Are we interruptable? Do we allow God to come in and change our plans if He needs to? Are we willing to follow Him wherever, whenever, and however He calls?

Really, I'm still sitting in these truths myself. Letting them soak in. But I wanted to share them with you, too. You are created and called for a specific purpose. Do you know what it is? Ask Him.

Thank you all for your prayers while I have been away from home the past few weeks. God is definitely stirring up some big things in my heart, and I can't wait to share with you all SOON about what this next season of my life is going to look like.

With that, I would like to extend an offer! I am looking for work currently, so if you know of any opportunities in the Tucson area, please let me know!

Also, I am offering my artistic services as well. I would love to sell you an existing piece of work that I already have, or create one uniquely for you! I work in charcoal, graphite pencil, and acrylic paints. I can paint and work on a wide variety of surfaces, and can do portraits, landscapes, prophetic art, Biblical scenes, scripture, words, really anything! Let me know if you have anything specific in mind, and I can come up with sketches/ideas, and we can work on pricing based on size and materials needed. But I would love to provide you with exceptional artwork for you personally from me. I also makes cards and jewelry in addition to fine arts, so those are options as well!

Stay tuned for news about my next season! 

(Making backpacks for the Hope Community Church missions team to take to the Philippines! So good to be reunited with my church body here in the states again.)
(I visited a few museums while I've been here in DC, the museum of American History being one of them. This is a familiar site...who knew the World Race was actually the 1800's come back to life around the world. I'm all too familiar with this process of washing clothes by hand...and using outhouses. Though the ones back then had seats...we just got to squat.)

(The "castle" on the National Mall! I love all the old architecture in DC.)

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